Live Video Dating

If you are looking to ease back into dating or just want to try something new, consider online live video dating with My Video Romance. Take the stress out of meeting new people with convenient chat options, including live video or audio-only.

Advantages to Live Video Dating

My Video Romance was created to offer a more convenient way to date. You can check out the profiles of a wide variety of people to find individuals that share your interests. With live video dating, you can spend time with the other person and get to know them before you ever meet in person, which takes some of the awkwardness out of first dates and offers a sense of safety.

Another great benefit to online live video dating is the opportunity to meet like-minded people outside of your social circle. You are more likely to find people you connect with through the large community on My Video Romance, and you never have to worry about fake profiles.

If you are intimidated at the thought of going out and introducing yourself to strangers, My Video Romance allows you to meet new people from the comfort of your home. Your confidence can improve when you are in a familiar environment, which makes it easier to connect with others.

When you are ready to expand your social circle and begin live video dating, join My Video Romance. Don’t spend your day waiting for text responses like other online dating sites — instead, get to know people in real-time.

My Video Romance was conceived in 2017 but it wasn't till after I was injured and in a wheelchair for many months that it became a reality .

I wanted to give members a low cost alternative to other sites with no “chat bots” and a low monthly membership cost. I offer my members the ability to Chat with each other plus with live video chat you can see the person you have been chatting with. If you choose you can use just the audio portion to have a conversation before having a visual one on one. By using the audio and video features of My Video Romance you can get to know the person better without giving out personal contact information before meeting in person.

With no fake profiles, the site has been started with zero members and currently has over 5000 member, so everyone you see on the site is 100% real.

Please tell anyone looking for a Better online dating experience about this site to help make it grow.


Ben Starbuck


My Video Romance LLC


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